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PGL6880 CE,SAA,CB Certification LED Linear Light 68X80mm
PGL6880 CE,SAA,CB Certification LED Linear Light 68X80mm


Led semiconductor technology, 80% energy saving than traditional fluorescent lamp.

Adopting high purity aluminum alloy with anodizing oxidation, simple & fashionable appearance, non- fading.

Excellent thermal management to ensure led lamp works stably, effectively control the luminous degradation.

Isolation driver, overload protection design, compliance with EMC international standards.

Split structure, suitable for brimless recessed, suspended, surface and side mounted.

      Optics: Designed by polarizing illumination 


Widely applied in airport, metro, commercial building, office, art zone, shopping mall, parking lot, etc.

3、Product picture                                                                      4Product size diagram


5Product technical parameters

5.1Basic parameter


Product size















        5.2General parameter

      Product name:PGL6880led linear light

LED: 0.2W SMD2835  Optional accessories:OSRAM/EPISTAR    Color tolerance:  <3

CRI:>80/>90  CCT3000k,4000k,5000k,5700k

Input voltage:AC100-277V    PF:>0.90  Driver: 0-10v dimming

Material:6063-T5 aluminum alloy with anodizing oxidation or sprayed

Diffuser: frosted PC diffuser with stripe

Lamp body colour: black / white / aluminum silver

Accessory: 1.5m steel rope

5.3 Product spect


5.4 Illumination diagram


       6Application picture

Los Angeles airport

Cartel Airport

Zhulong Weiye Wuhan Branch in Beijing

Apple Store in Wuhan Avenue

Yonglong Bank Office area in Shenzhen

ABB reception

7Installation Instruction & Attention

   7.1 Installation Fixing

   Step1Open the carton and take out the lamp, check the lamp and accessory if is all included and in good condition.

Step 2: Power wire of lamp: brown or black is live wire. blue or white wire is neutral wire, yellow-green or green is ground wire.

Step 3

(1)      Suspension installation

Turn off power switch, choose installation position, and put the self-tapping screw into the rope holder, fix it on the ceiling,then lock the connector to the holder, tighten the holder of rope and screw on the black of lamp, adjust the width & length of rope, connect power cable, and turn it on.

2: Ceiling Installation

urn off the power supply, use a suction cup to suck the pc cover open, fold the LED lamp body out, select the installation position, fix the lamp body on the wall, then connect the power cable and led lamp, put the pc cover, then turn on the switch.

(3)Brimless embedded installation

Turn off the power supply, use a suction cup to suck the pc cover open, choose installation position and set up hole according to lamp size, put brimless accessories and fix screw, then put the lamp into hole, adjust the height between lamp and wall, then connect cable wire with lamp, put pc cover back.



7.2 Attention

7.2.1 Turn off power supply before installation or replace lamp parts.

7.2.2 Ensure input voltage suitable for lamp before connecting power wire.

7.2.3 Please authorize qualified staff to install lamp, and obey instruction manual,any improper installation could easily cause accidents, electric shocks, fires, etc.

7.2.4 Turn off the power supply before installation or maintenance.

7.2.5 Please turn off power supply due to serious smoke and smell caused by fire or electric shock. Please authorize the qualified staff to do maintenance. Don’t dismantle the lamp after accident.

7.2.6 Don’t touch the lamp when it works.

7.3 Warranty

7.3.1 Due to quality issues, 5 years for free maintenance.

7.3.2 During warranty period, client need return the faulty parts to supplier for inspection and repair. After inspection and repair, supplier shall send the fixed parts or new parts back, each party shall bear the freight cost accordingly.

7.3.3 Keep warranty card as evidence of warranty.

7.3.4 The below conditions are beyond warranty, supplier will charge when providing maintenance service. All damages due to human factors, including damages from operation and storage inconformity with instruction manual, and other abnormal conditions etc.. Dismantling, maintenance, modification or substandard repair without supplier’s authorization. No warranty card and document. Damage caused by force majeure or by user’s side (including fire, flood, lightning, earthquake, etc.)

7.4 Troubleshooting & solution




Not working

1Check power cable if it’s connected correctly.

1Reconnect the power wire

2Check power supply plug if it’s loose

2Re-plug the loose power plug

3Power supply failure

3Replace the qualified power supply

4Led chip is damaged

4Replace the led chip

Dim or flicker

1Output of driver power supply is abnormal

1Replace the power supply

2Led chip fails

2Replace the led chip

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