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LED linear lights give the old village second life
作者 :管理员 发表于:2017-3-6 19:15:18 阅读:

LED linear light manufacturer 100lida recently got a call from Liaoning manager Wang, he said in shenyan there are a waste years of building projects, such as developers encounter money problems are more than ten years, a suspended caused extensive wasteful, later by taking control of the management company, they need to do the whole village renovation in exterior walls and lighting engineering.

LED linear light make the dark area look as new

Communicate with manager wang, we learned that the liaoning region due to the demand for residential and commercial district as early as more than a dozen years ago many people is not big, could have done better in terms of investment, so a lot of commercial residential community has become "abandoned", "abandon tube floor" and so on, in order not to let the loss to continue, the original developer will be secondary development, bring these old buildings repackaging it again for commercial or apartment and so on.

He knows 100lida is a professional manufacturer of LED linear light, so he want to know about the outdoor lighting lamps is how to make these "new" has a new look.

Through consultation, 100lida with manager wang to finalize the plan, the first thing to use LED linear light to highlight the whole district overall outline, additional metope chooses LED wash wall lights beat on the roof, create a feeling of high spirits.

Revisiting the beautiful village, it is a good choice.Manager wang was very pleased with this project, the company there are several similar renovation project need to continue with 100lida cooperation, thank for his trust and support!