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Your LED linear light to do a good job of dealing with the thunderstorm season?
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The south is known to have had a peculiar weather, there is a season is called "the thunderstorm season", seasonal weather, high humidity for a long time and often in buildings have been struck by lightning.

For outdoor LED linear light and point source and guardrail tube made of advertising screen, is undoubtedly a severe test.

Through outdoor lamps and lanterns of being struck by lightning current will cause serious mechanical and electrical damage serious even can cause fire.So to deal with the thunderstorm season against lightning preparation is necessary.

Lightning rod protect the line light safety

Outdoor display screen, LED linear light or point light screen and guardrail tube advertising screen after installation, can be on the top of the building or the side does not affect the architectural appearance of install the lightning rod, this can effectively prevent thunder on the direct impact of lamps and lanterns.To avoid the whole screen lamps burn out.In view of the lightning current induction on the power cord, with single power supply lightning protection device on the power cord.Signal lines induction lightning current, add signal lightning protection device on the line.Signal arrester according to the signal interface of the system.

Outdoor lighting lamps design itself will take into account the various harsh environmental factors that influence its normal operation, so in the structure of it technology, as the manufacturer of outdoor lighting lamps will make corresponding response.

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