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Can IP44 LED linear light converted into outdoor IP65 LED linear light ?
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A customer puts forward to reform with the line of IP44 LED linear light, add some material cost, the original IP44 to IP65 waterproof level.Do you think this kind of LED linear light can be use?

LED linear light waterproof value rating required product structure should not be arbitrarily change

Above the problem our engineer made a response like this: the changes weaken the permeability of LED linear light, make the internal components is not  good ventilation and heat dissipation function, in another hand indoor use LED linear light  make it to outdoor use LED linear light , even if there is small changes, the cost will also rise, there is no need for such changes to the product structure.

LED linear light after the requirements of high and low not necessarily and IP protection grade digital corresponding, in general IP after the first digit represents the shell of solid foreign bodies, the second number said shell waterproof capability, but these Numbers are not completely represent the higher the better, such as IP68 waterproof level, in the process of test can not withstand IP65 and IP66 test.

So we in the choose LED linear light, don't necessary to choose the products with high coefficient of waterproof, should correspond to what we use.

Aimed at the IP44 LED linear lamp, he is in the cabinets and jewelry display ark, that we don't need to change his performance to meet rarely encountered. 

Finally, manufacturer of LED linear light 100lida engineer to draw the conclusion: the different characteristics of IP digital combination, can only represent different types of protection, can't just according to the characters of the IP Numbers to determine the size of the lamps and lanterns of high and low, protection grade of the most important is the lamps and lanterns should be used instead of the environmental protection grade.

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