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LED Linear light waterproof plug smaller the Waterproof effect will be different?
作者 :管理员 发表于:2017-3-18 1:45:01 阅读:

Let's look at the picture below, this one on the left is the linear light used 15 mm diameter square four core waterproof plug line, on the right side of the four core waterproof plug wire diameter is 13 mm, then what's the difference between the left and the right place?

Line lights waterproof plug line smaller is better!


The 2 kinds of led linear light waterproof plug wire waterproof effect is the same, will not affect the waterproof effect, because the size so why to do a little bit small size?In order to reduce cost?Or otherwise other reasons?

Appearance in a smaller size linear light waterproof four core plug is not improved, which is developed in order to reduce the cost of its internal structure does not change is also 0.75 square all copper wire, so its cost is the same, will not reduce.

Do size small reason is considering the small line at the bottom of the lamp and some hidden line profile structure, the installation will be more convenient, more beautiful.

That someone proposed that appearance is a bit small, the weight is a bit less, freight is also relatively less, is it?