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The benefits of SMT LED linear light use visible chips
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Conventional LED linear light waterproof technology is generally glue encapsulation, glue over the chips surface in order to achieve the waterproof effect.But as the colloid surface dust accumulation, the light color will also changed, but the differences in general will small,what method can avoid the problem?

Choose waterproof exposed chips, when potting glue and chips surface flat, do not cover the chips surface, and this process is the purpose of life within in order to prevent the led linear light, occurrence chromatism problem under the influence of environmental factors.

To use hd display chips in led linear light

We said that the leakage of waterproof chips, simple sum up its characteristic is: (1) the chips colloid fog, good color mixture (2) support the thickness of 2.5 MM, glue does not exceed the chips surface, no color difference, do not produce chemical reaction (3) waterproof lights, outdoor lighting application of waterproof.

So this kind of chips generally suitable for outdoor high-definition screens.Is common to seen hotel wall advertising screen.