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Feet LED linear light plane can clip into rotating bracket?
作者 :管理员 发表于:2017-3-19 19:51:24 阅读:

This morning, the customer through our website a 28 * 35 aluminum lens LED llinear light, he wants to know this one line clip plane can replace rotating bracket light.

This LED linear light belongs to the structure of the feet, customers choose plane clamp when installation is more, little will be installed rotating bracket, so you think this can change rotating bracket?

Someone says you can't, someone says can, See below how we respond to customer:

Regular linear light structure can also have different choices

For this kind of situation, usually need to understand why customers change structure?

If customers want to linear wash wall light rather than linear light, because neither wash wall lamp, LED guardrail tube with profile or conventional LED linear lamp, industry called linear light.So when the customer request to change the structure of the lights, firstly understand what is customer demand, and then the appropriate response.

So, if the customer insist, I just love this led linear light, you give I installed on rotating bracket adjust light projection Angle is ok, I assigned to this product.

When faced with this situation, all can be resolved because aluminum models on the market a lot, derive a lot of form a complete set of products, such as some appearance more beautiful plug, clamp, rotating bracket, etc.

Light of the structure of the product and for this kind of feet lines, 100lida lighting in long before has solved the problem, we put the flat clamp and rotating stents made a union.

Feet before the line is only suitable for flat clamp lamp structure, modified, feet LED linear light plane or rotating bracket installation, apply a product.