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Outdoor LED linear light screen and digital screen of investment returns
作者 :管理员 发表于:2017-3-21 1:28:44 阅读:

The information age, the traditional print advertising will be gradually replaced by digital media.According to data of LED large screen billboard revenues of approximately equal to the same size 4 to 6 times of traditional outdoor billboard revenues.

So, two products, outdoor large screen billboard derived respectively LED linear light  advertising screen and LED digital screen.

Choose appropriate according to the use of outdoor LED advertising screen

Advertising revenue is the way of return on investment is higher, in view of the outside door advertising screen, have chosen number two display screen and LED linear light screen , this should choose according to customer requirements.

LED digital screen are used for hotel propaganda and cultural square is more, its main function is to build a sense of outdoor big TV, move to attract audience to stay down.