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5 Critical Warehouse Energy Saving Tips to Meet Green Initiatives
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Depending on the size of your warehouse, as a manager (or owner) of that facility; you probably know that your building consumes a considerable amount of energy.

From your lighting system to your heating and cooling, to make such large buildings meet “workable” conditions can be tough and expensive. Although, this post is here to gather 5 critical ways on how you can meet green initiatives for your companies warehouse operations, all while maintaining those workable conditions your employees require.

By implementing the following ways, you will be able to realize a great reduction in not only energy waste, but also overhead costs associated with powering that wasted energy month to month. So there are two major benefits from all of this; one being you will create a more sustainable warehouse all while secondly reducing month to month expenses associated with operating your warehouse.


Without further ado, here is the first of many on this list of ways to save energy in your warehouse facility…



1. Convert your lighting system over to LED

A lighting system can be one of the biggest energy consumers in such big spaces like a warehouse. This is especially true when your warehouse has high ceilings and calls for high bay fixtures, which are a common warehouse fixture. By converting away from common high bay technologies such as metal halide over to efficient LED technology, you will be able to realize up to a massive 75% reduction in energy usage associated with those lights.

As for hallways or offices that use lights such as fluorescent tubes, you could still save nearly 30% by converting over to tube LEDs.


This energy saving tactic for warehouses in and of itself can be a huge contributor to reducing the amount of energy your facility will consume.


Discover how to replace that lighting system and start reducing your overhead


2. Install skylights all areas

Imagine how great it would be to have the same amount of light that is outside, inside. Best part? It won’t be coming from artificial lights which cost money to run, but rather a natural light source that costs nothing other than installing skylights for that light to come in. This will easily and greatly reduce the amount of time that you need any type of light on in your warehouse.


Allow sun to illuminate your facility by installing skylights throughout your building!


3. Take a look at your commercial HVAC system

These days HVAC is nearly installed in every building, including warehouses. Multiple things could be messing up your efficiency when it comes to heating, ventilating, and cooling your warehouse, and they all go back to that HVAC system.

For starters, ensuring that your commercial HVAC system is maintained is crucial. This means regular tune ups and filter cleanings for the most part.

Secondly, do you really need to heat or cool a room that isn’t used everyday all day? That back office no one has touched in days probably doesn’t need to be heated or cooled too (just sayin’)…

Lastly, set up a programmable thermostat to ensure your system is off (or on) exactly when it needs to be. You shouldn’t be running it overnight and definitely not over the weekend when no one is in.


This is probably the second biggest consumer of energy (if not tied) compared to your lighting system. Address these two issues and you will see the biggest energy consumption cuts your warehouse has ever seen.


4. Turn off that conveyor

If you run a warehouse which uses a conveyor belt in it’s processes, you should know that turning it off while not in use will surely save money (just as turning lights off when not in use will).

And this doesn’t just go for your conveyor belt, but any machine that isn’t being used. This can easily be resolved by reminding workers to turn off machines when they aren’t going to be used for a bit. Simply and easy fix to the issue!


5. Conduct building commissioning

If your building isn’t operating how it should on the most basic level, then no matter what you do you will always have wasted energy being consumed in your facility.

Go hire a professional building commissioning company to run a full audit of your warehouse, and they will tell you exactly what you need to work on for your building to be running exactly how it was built to run.





The process of addressing (let alone fixing) these issues and areas of concern may seem overwhelming, but keeping the end goal in mind will make the efforts to make these changes in your warehouse much easier. Taking it one at a time will make all the difference, but ensuring you are working on them overtime will be all that is needed. Just remember, all of these critical ways to reduce energy are going to not only make your company more sustainable, but it will also save you tons in overhead.

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